The Origin of Open Gardens

At the beginning the idea was to create a modern and environmentally friendly yet functional space that would serve as a good example as to how others - businesses, schools, government agencies and the general public, could follow. This idea came into being in the fall of 2012. Built in the heart of the second largest city in the Czech Republic, the Open Gardens has been functioning as a textbook of environmentally friendly  architecture, sustainable agriculture and modern environmental protection.

Climate change poses a fundamental threat to people in the Amazon rainforest, India, sub-Saharan Africa or in Europe. Unprecedented floods, droughts and unpredictable weather changes threaten the lives of millions of people around the globe. The Open Gardens is a living example of suitable adaptation measures to climate change which can be adopted in a highly urbanized areas.

Now that we are at the beginning of the third year in existence, we are happy to state that Open Gardens works. It is a sustainable, prosperous and inspiring project that does not burden the future of upcoming generations; not only in the Czech Republic, but also in developing countries whose natural resources we exploit which negatively affects their environment and the lives of their inhabitants.

Genius Loci

Our open air  educational facility featuring energy super-efficient & eco-friendly office buildings are located under the medieval castle of Spilberk, in the vicinity of the the historic center of Brno.

The Open Gardens is truly green; it is set in the environment of urban gardens that form a unique park area encircling the tallest top in the entire city; atop of which stands the historically valuable Spilberk castle.


We currently seek funding in order to open an urban farm which would serve as an area for practical research and education in ecology. We also support the idea of building new cycling and walking routes connecting the Open Gardens complex with neighbouring streets.

Open Gardens = Education and Fun!

Open Gardens consists of two parts: a unique environmental education facility, and an office development which provides a home to several Czech NGOs.

Open Gardens hosts countless events and activities - seminars, lectures, workshops, family events and educational programs tailored for students. As well, visitors can enjoy guided tours of the passive buildings or rent a place for a private family party.

The emphasis of the whole garden design is put on adventure exploration of ecological coherences and the laws of nature focusing mainly to alternative energy sources and physical phenomena, energy savings, utilization of renewable sources of energy and the use of vegetation elements in their natural way.

What We Offer

A unique vista for Brno citizens as well as outside vistiors, schools, families and private companies. 

What will you see and experience?
  • a unique passive building: an inspiration for investors and a living textbook for students
  • an entertaining garden: 12 interactive stops designed according to 4 basic nature elements
  • other educational activities: seminars, conferences, workshops and courses for children and adults
  • modern rental facilities: the ability to rent a unique space for your private corporate or family events

Visit us and enjoy a unique educational facility as well as our top-notch-state of the art modern office buildings.

Stop by and get inspired!

The Open Garden is Managed by Nadace Partnerstvi (Czech Environmental Partnership Foundation).

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